Monday, November 15, 2010

War of Attrition, Flashpoint's sequel, is finally out!

The big LAUNCH-day is finally here! War of Attrition, the long awaited sequel to the award-winning and Amazon best-selling Flashpoint: Book One of the Underground is now out!:

Plot synopsis:
Set in 2037, Calamity Kid and his muscle cell are targeted by the One State's Federal Bureau of Terrorism and must survive alone in Chicago's Underground. At one-half its usual might, the cell encounters traps and snares set by a faceless opponent-and question the suspicious arrival of a bio-engineered One State traitor. Blamed by the media for the very violence they're trying to contain, CK and his fellow saints race for their lives to avoid the high-tech crosshairs aimed into the underground. War of Attrition, Book Two of the UNDERGROUND, is the sequel to Frank Creed's award-winning Christian sci-fi/ cyberpunk novel, Flashpoint:

Also, for your Christmas shopping needs, Join the Underground: the Role Playing Game