Friday, June 29, 2007

EC Gags Creation Theory?

I was a teen during the Iran Hostage Crisis, but when journalists referred to the terrorists simply as Fundamentalist Terrorists, I saw trouble. The thought eventually made it into my writer's notebook, and became the critical part of my end-times sci-fi novel, Flashpoint. 9-11 made the concept of religious persecution for reasons of security, realistic and scary.

The fact that young or old Earth age is having a similar effect in the E.C. is a songbird in the proverbial mine. The United States' cultural trends follow Europe's by fifty to one-hundred years. Our church memberships are plummeting, as they already have in Europe, and Christianity's a rapidly shrinking psychographic in all of North America. The day of real persecution in the West is quite conceivable. What will our world be like between now and the second-coming? The important thing is that we keep living our faith, and avoid a Christendom-subculture-life-raft-leaving-the-sinking-ship mentality. We must be in the world but not of it, and live as he commands. As a witness to a world without love or hope.

One of the "scientific process" steps is observation. The problem of using the scientific process to answer the origin of life? Nobody was there to observe. The Ancient Hebrew word {Yom}, or "Day" was used like the English word: a 24 hour period, a period of daylight, or an era of time. Nobody can disprove that God created the universe in its present form, with partial decayed radiation in rocks, five minutes ago. Young or old Earth age is not a point of doctrine. This very much reminds me of how the Catholic church felt that Galileo's theory blasphemed God's obviously flat Earth.

Charles Darwin proved that God gave life an amazing gift of adaptation. Evolution, one species adapting into a whole new species, is wild speculation. Even in the totality of the fossil record, what's known as "the permanence of kinds", still stands. One kind cannot be shown to have been another kind. In fact, the oldest layer of fossil-bearing-rocks have dinosaurs and modern day house-cats. Few know that the Geologic-Column—that chart with the Jurassic, Triassic, etc. periods—was constructed ACCORDING to evolutionary theory. Few places in the world are the layers even in the proper order.

The EC's consideration of thought-policing Creation-Theory is small minded. Earth-age really doesn't matter to Christians. We fear science for no good reason. God gave us a second book called creation, and He's left His fingerprints all over it. He is "there." I highly recommend Defeating Darwinism by Opening Minds—Phillip E. Johnson, When Skeptics Ask—Norman Geisler, and The God Who is There—Francis Schaeffer.

"So just sit back and relax and let me have your head for a minute—I can show you somethin' in it That has yet to be presented, OH YEAH." —Click, Click, BOOM, Josey Scott, Saliva

To God be the glory,
Frank Creed

Young Earth Age?

God's word is infinite wisdom in the finite container of human language. Consider that Christ fulfilled over three-hundred OT prophecies, and how many of His contemporary Jews missed their Messiah? God shifts mankind's paradigms all through history and, we know from Genesis, prehistory.

Creation and humankind's moral fall are points of doctrine that won't bend. We have a reasonable creator who created a reasonable universe. Those with Christian presuppositions have learned creation can be understood through reason. Again, nobody was there to observe these things and these space time events. They're being interpreted to us in a dead language, by a man halfway across the planet 5000 years away in time. Inspired or not, understanding Moses' wisdom is a real challenge.

Forcing doctrinal events into a young Earth age makes two assumptions not backed by Scripture. Adam & Eve's fall took place:

1) on Earth, and
2) in this dimension.

Stay with me now . . .
The Bible was supposed to crack if our Sun was not the Universe' center because that's how Moses' creation story was interpreted. The Heliocentric theory of the universe was disproven, and Scripture still stands.

Check Strong's Concordance for the word "Worlds." It's used in the sense that this huge universe may not have been created for just for Earthlings.
  • What about Genesis 5:1-2? Did God create more humans after Adam and Eve?

  • What about extra-dimensional beings mating with human women?

  • Genesis 6, the Great Flood, wiped out the Nephilim.

  • People used to live for hundreds of years.

God's acted into space-time creation with huge change—at the fall, and the flood. Every time we get God figured out, He shifts another paradigm. Let's choose our dogmatisms very carefully.